mixed by Doc McKinney

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gone just as you came through the broken air
now i start to question where you even there
to run my fingers through your fucking hair
girl i see your face everywhere
maybe so suddenly
standing right in front of me
take the gun and baby let me see
make it how its supposed to be
i do this for you
and you run my right through
this was all part of your plan
got just what you wanted, never seen again
lay me down
close my eyes
send me off into the night
baby i would die for you
dont you realize take my life for you
our life only thing important to me
where am i now
since you’ve gone away from me
you’re the only thing i ever see
i cant breath, no
when you’re not right next to me
baby i cant breath

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Prod. Triads

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Chris Travis - Runaway

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"Take that!" in pure chibby/pixel Street Fighter form! :D


"Take that!" in pure chibby/pixel Street Fighter form! :D

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Sony Organise un "Webinar" avec Philippe Bloom et Den Lennie 


Le 28 Juillet Prochain à 9H30 (8h30 chez nous a cause de l’heure d’été) en anglais pour apprendre comment donner un look cinéma pro à ses videos … les meilleurs trucs et astuces par 2 super pros 

28th July: 9.30am BST/10.30am CET 

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Chris Travis - No Signal Music Video

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